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Motor Battery
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[Positive Plates ]
are made from special lead-calcium alloy grids in which they are pasted with positive active material. 
[ Negative Plates]are made from special lead-calcium alloy grids in which they are pasted with negative active material.  
[ Separators ] The super micro porous glass fiber separators in Sway VRLA batteries have high resistance to acid .The high porosity of the separators retains adequate electrolyte for the reaction of active material.  
[ Electrolyte ] Dilute sulphuric acid electrolyte is absorbed in separators and no free acid, It is a high-conductive liquid and also participates in both the discharge and recharge reaction. 
[ Safety Vents ] are made of synthetic rubber with excellent acid resistance and little deterioration by aging, and release excess gas and keep the internal pressure within the optimum range of safety. 
[ Containers and Covers ] are manufactured from ABS synthetic resin and retain sufficient mechanized strength to withstand battery internal pressure. 
[ Terminals ] are made of copper or lead alloy depending on the battery model. Excellent terminal sealing construction and technology are given at the our VRLA batteries.

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