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Motor Battery Instruction to Usage
[1]. Note Prior to Usage of Maintenance-free Storage Batteries
**Never to tear or loose tape on electrolyte-filling opening, which is in favor of keeping oxygen-lack negative pressure inside the battery. Once the opening is opened, air will be sucked in and oxidation of polar plate will occur, and polar plate will suffer loss of dry-charge.
**Storage of battery should be at cool and dry places with low temperature.
**Well arranging management of stock, those earlier stored should be used earlier, long-term storage, over-high box-packing and rough shipment should be avoided.

[2]. Instructions to Usage
(1)Preparative Works:
**At time selling a new vehicle, apart the battery from the vehicle, and place it on a flat surface for filling electrolyte.
**At time replacing battery, make certain brand and type of the motorcycle and check if type of the battery is matching the motorcycle, because manufacturer of the motorcycle of course had matched its motorcycles with most applicable battery type after considerate choice. Types of battery unable to match the motorcycle will not only hamper performance and life of the battery, but also may act as origin for electronic faults.
**Choice of electrolyte-please make certain that type of electrolyte bottle matches type of battery.
(2)Operation of filling electrolyte:
**If a user fill electrolyte himself, be aware to carefully read Instruction to Usage as well as other important information attached on the battery.
**Tear down seal tape on electrolyte-filling opening on the battery
**Remove black seal pressing-slip of the electrolyte bottle and align opening of the bottle to the electrolyte-filling opening of the battery, press down the bottle violently enough to break through the seal film and completely fill the electrolyte.
**Violently press the black seal pressing-slip into the electrolyte-filling opening of the battery.
**Usage of battery can only be available 20 minutes later in stewing after electrolyte has been completely filled in.
** Warning! **
20 minutes are needed to enable electrolyte to sufficiently infiltrate into polar plates and spaces between separators. Over-early usage will cause insufficient rotation speed due to insufficient capacity, although voltage has reached the rated voltage. Under this circumstance, recharging is required.
(3)Mounting on motorcycle and hooking up:
**Make examination of vibration proof materials, mounting tools on the motorcycle, and check polar direction of terminals, position of wire hooking up before correctly assemble the battery.
**Hooking up wires. Be aware to positive/negative polar directions. Wrong connection of polar will damage electronic parts of motorcycle.
(4)Under circumstance of poor rotation speed of starter:
**Maybe the battery has suffered improper storage and ensuing deficiency of dry-charge performance. This misfortune can be remedied by another recharge. Recovered performance and life of the battery will act as before doubtless.


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